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Recent Service interruption
We would like to shed some information on the service interruptions some of you may h ...



We would like to announce that starting from Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 4:30PM GMT (11:30AM EST) several additions were made to server names, login pages, temporary website URLs and mailserver. The additions have been made to increase server accessibility and avoid any potential future problems similar to the ones caused by the unexpected change of the status of one our server domains (supremeserver11.com) to REGISTRAR-HOLD by our domain registrar due to abuse on the temporary website URL given to our customers. All of the additions will not affect any existing customers.

We have added a new domain to the current supremeserverXX.com domain and mailserver mail.supremeserverXX.com of each server. This way you will be able to access your control panel from either supremeserverXX.com or supremecenterXX.com. The mailservers will be accessible through both mail.supremeserverXX.com and mail.supremecenterXX.com. We have also added a new domain, which will be used as a temporary website URL by the customers who signup. The domain is scXX.info for all servers with the exception of servers 7, 9, 21 and 24, for which the respective domain is scXX.biz. This domain will only be used for the temporary website URL and we strongly recommend that our customers should not use it for a period longer than 30 days after the account creation. It is not advisable to use this temporary URL as permanent website address.

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