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We are pleased to inform you that today we have made available for registration through the Web Hosting Control Panel the .UK and .CA domain extensions (top-level-domains or TLDs). We know how desired they are and hope that these extensions will satisfy the needs of our clients from the United Kingdom and Canada.

Let's present the new TLDs and have a look at their special requirements now.

.UK (.CO.UK and .ORG.UK) Domain Names
The .UK TLD stands for the United Kingdom. We've made available the .CO.UK and .ORG.UK SLDs (second-level-domains), which can be used for registration or transfer purposes. The domain names registered with these SLDs possess some special features that make their management different from that of .com, .net, etc. TLDs. The differences concern the registration period, the renewal policy and the WHOIS info management.
Registration period: The registration period for the .UK domains is 2 years.
Renewal policy: Domain renewals are possible for a 2-year period only. What's more, renewal is only possible in cases when 5 months, or less, are left until the expiration date.
WHOIS management: Modification of the WHOIS info is not possible through the Control Panel. The UK registry Nominet must be contacted directly by the domain owner when the WHOIS info must be changed. The reason for this restriction is that there are certain fees that must be paid to Nominet and that such changes are considered as formal transfer.

.CA Domain Names
The Canadian registrar CIRA has some special requirements for the registrants and for the management of the WHOIS information.
Registrant requirements: .CA domain names can be registered by Canadian citizens, individuals having permanent residency in Canada and companies under the laws of Canada. Because of this requirement, additional contact details are required during the registration procedure itself and that is why we have made a separate page as a step of the domain registration process. This page allows you to choose the correct attribute from the list of options.
WHOIS management: The registrant cannot change the WHOIS in order to transfer ownership from one person or organization to another, but can change registrant's address, phone number and other contact details. However, in order to modify this info, you will have to submit a trouble ticket to the Customer Support staff from the Help Center section in the Web Hosting Control Panel.

It should be noted that both domains are transferable between different registrars and that no EPP authorization key is needed for that. Unfortunately, both of the registries do not support WHOIS / ID Protection for their domain names, which is characteristic for most of the "country domains".

What should you expect after these TLDs?
We are now working on the implementation of .DE and .EU domain names. Our developers will do their best to complete these TLDs by the end of November.

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