1. Login to Control Panel:

2. Help Available via:

     a. Context Help Areas
     b. Video Tutorials
     c. F.A.Q.
     d. Ticketing System

  F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

If, for some reason, you have not found sufficient information in the Control Panel’s Context Help Areas and Video Tutorials we suggest that you visit the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

To find the most relevant answer to your question in our large F.A.Q. database, please do the following:


1. Log into the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Our potential customers should log into our Demo Control Panel.

Our existing clients can access their personal Control Panel through the website’s Members Log-in Page or the URL we’ve given them upon signup.

2. After you’ve logged in, go to the Help Center in the navigation menu and choose F.A.Q. from the drop-down menu with the help options to see all the pairs of questions and answers arranged in categories according to the Control Panel’s structure.


1. A page with a keyword search box and a list of topics is displayed.

You can now perform one of the following actions:

• enter a keyword (for instance, domain registration) and press the Search Now button to send immediate search request to our database for an answer to your inquiry.

• click on the Request Help link. The Request Help link gives you the opportunity to open a Ticket through our support Ticketing System.

• go to the next step.


2. Once the search is completed, click on that particular topic in the list with the results, which corresponds to your problem. This will take you right to the specific problem’s explanation.

3. If you didn’t manage to find your question in the topics list or did not find the answer to your question helpful enough, please do one of the following:

• click on the request help link placed below each answer to open a Trouble Ticket, or

• go to the Help Center in the navigation menu and choose Video Tutorials from the drop-down menu to learn more about the separate Control Panel sections and their functions.

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