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To the attention of all our present and prospective clients! We are happy to inform you that an important implementation is soon to come - bright new File Manager will be integrated in our system! The innovative and thoroughly updated version will have many new facilitative functions, some of them probably expected, and some of them complete surprise.

The new File Manager was developed by our professionals to suit the utmost requirements for ease, convenience and user-friendly interface. Key basis for its creation was the need for better navigation, facilitation, time-saving and visualization tools. Enormous emphasize was laid on some significantly important aspects regarding its upload functionality and editing system tools. Basically for the first time you will have an opportunity to upload ZIP/RAR files with Auto-Unzip in the pre-selected folder, and to visually keep track of the uploading process by means of displayed status bars. Also unprecedented is the function, to be included in the advantageous tooltip interconnections menu, to edit your files with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and to view them directly on the web.

The new version of the File Manager is scheduled to be officially released within a month. Let's go now through a short review of the complete pack of functions that are to be expected, in case you would like to feedback us in advance:

  • All parts of the history path name will be links (e.g. www/mydomain.com/myfolder/) - providing fast access to each level of the directory path of your files;
  • A new Fast Access section will be placed on the right - by means of a drop-down menu will be ensured fast navigation through all folders of your current vhost (virtual host), and also fast access to all your main domains and subdomains;
  • All file names will be links, opening smart tooltips displaying the full range of actions that can be performed. The smart tooltip will automatically recognize whether the file is editable or not, and will accordingly display the Editing option with WYSIWYG editor or in plain text. The option to view your file directly on the web will be included, as well;
  • The file info field will be better organized and will display the 'name', 'size', 'permissions' and 'modified' records again, together with Edit/Move/Delete buttons added at the right end of the field;
  • The upload file boxes will have new intelligent structure, as well. The permitted size of the files will remain the same, but new option will be provided for ZIP/RAR folders upload, with automatic unzip. After the uploading has started, visual graphic display of the uploading process will be provided for you to keep you informed of the stages;
  • The multi-selection buttons will be at your disposal again;
  • 'Disk Usage' field will graphically display up-to-date information of how much disk space you have utilized, and how much remains unused.

With the implementation of the new File Manager, we aim at setting new high criteria for intelligent interconnections and user-friendly interface. As you are already aware, this has always been our purpose, and we shall continue to work in this direction in the future, as well.

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