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Dear present and prospective customers! The Software Developers Department of our web hosting company is happy to announce that a new File Manager version has been developed and launched online! This advanced software tool was created by our professionals to suit our clients' highest demands in terms of facilitation, easy administration, better navigation and advanced functionality, all bundled within an exceptionally user-friendly interface!

The following features and functions are comprised:

Create New File/Folder - In this field you can create new empty files and folders. You can choose either option by selecting the corresponding radio button.

Disk Usage - This field provides for you up-to-date graphic and numerical information of how much disk space you have utilized and how much remains free.

Quick Links Path - In the previous File Manager version, the history path name, displayed above the panel with your listed files, was static. Here, it is replaced by a dynamic 'quick links' path name, providing for you easy access to each sub-level of your current directory. The 'Quick Links Path' field actually displays the name of the current directory, you have selected by browsing through the folders in the File Listing Panel, in the form of dynamic history path name links.

Quick Host Shortcuts - This dropdown enables you to directly select a host from a list containing all your hosted domains and sub domains.

File Listing Panel:

  • Check boxes - Using the check boxes in the first column of the File Manager's File Listing Panel, you can select multiple files/folders in order to perform certain actions (Copy, Delete, etc.).
  • Type Icons - By means of type icons, this column gives you easy orientation and quick information about the type (folder/file - text, image, archive etc.) of the documents related to the icons.
  • File/Folder names - Our new File Manager introduces a new approach to the management of your files and folders in the form of intelligent tooltips, providing you with an easy access to all actions that can be performed per selected file/folder.

    • File tooltip - is activated upon left-click of the mouse on the name of the file. It opens an Info panel containing details about the file's name, type and size, and two dropdowns. The Permissions dropdown allows you to reset the permissions for the selected file. The Actions dropdown lists all actions (Edit, Copy, Delete, Open in web, View image, Open in WYSIWYG Editor, etc.) that can be performed per selected file.
    • Folder Tooltip - is activated upon left-click of the mouse on the type icon of the folder and opens an Info panel containing details about the name of the folder, and two dropdowns. The Permissions dropdown allows you to reset the permissions for the selected folder. The Actions dropdown lists all actions (edit, copy, delete, download folder as Zip archive, etc.) that can be performed per selected folder. *Note that, if you click on the name of the folder, instead of the folder type icon, the folder file content will be listed.

  • Actions icons - next to the file/folder names are displayed all action icons available per file/folder - for quick selection of a desired action to be performed for the corresponding file/folder. Each button opens a smart tooltip, showing details about the action that is going to be performed.
  • File Size - presents information of the size of each file.
  • Permissions - presents information of the current permissions set for each file/folder.
  • Last Accessed/Last Changed dropdown menu - allows you to switch between both options - 'Last Accessed' and 'Last Changed', upon your desire or need to view the corresponding class of information displayed in the last column of the File Manager's File Listing Panel.

Actions Toolbar - The actions toolbar contains a convenient set of tools for multiple files/folders editing. You can select a number of files/folders and press any of the buttons available - Move, Copy, Delete, Change Permissions, to perform the according action for the selected files. If you use the option 'Select All' files/folders, the changes you make will be applicable to all files/folders in the current directory. With the newly added 'Reload' button you can reload the File Manager's File Listing Panel without needing to refresh the whole web page.

File Upload Field - With the new File Manager you can upload an unlimited number of files, without exceeding however a total size of 20 MB at once. For your convenience, the file upload boxes have been organized to appear in a cohesive order - right after you have filled in an upload box, a new one will show up. The new file upload functionality also supports an option to upload .ZIP, .RAR, .TAR.GZ and .GZ archives with automatic unpack of the files/folders in the current directory. In order to upload archived files/folders, you have to browse and select a desired archive, then check the box that will appear - 'Unpack archive after upload'.

Key basis for the development of this File Manager version was the need to provide for our customers better navigation, time-saving and visualization tools. We sincerely hope that your file management work will be much easier now and pleasurable to do. We will ardently continue to put efforts in the improvement and development of an advanced web hosting environment and a handy administration system for our clients' Web Hosting Control Panel.

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